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Kristen and Joel’s Wedding

Posted on October 31, 2008. Filed under: personal, wedding blogs |

We had a lot of fun at our good friends Kristen and Joel’s wedding back in September.  It was even more fun because Jon and I were both in the wedding party.  It was weird and new to experience a wedding “together” but with no stresses or worries. We definitely had a lot of fun, and their photographer Melissa Chapman was amazing.  These are just a couple pictures I took throughout the night

the bride and groom feeding each other cake
the bride and groom feeding each other cake
me with a couple of our good friends

me with a couple of our good friends

kristen and i getting ready

flower girl and ring bearer
flower girl and ring bearer
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How the Wii Can Ruin a Marriage

Posted on August 5, 2008. Filed under: wedding blogs |

Don’t worry, Jon and I are not getting a divorce.  Our marriage is fine, but let me tell you about a little gaming console that I am sure is ruining marriages around the country… It’s called the Wii…  Jon’s groomsmen went in together to buy Jon a Wii for his bachelor party.  At first, this seemed like a really cool and expensive gift.  I soon realized the horrors that come with it.  It seems that Jon has this obsession with video games which I didn’t fully realize until we got married.  His friends gave us Wii games as wedding gifts and the first three months of marriage I have been learning how to deal with his zoned out stare at the TV.  We deliberately didn’t get cable because we heard some marriage advice that it is best if you learn how to talk and communicate with each other for the first year rather then letting Tv take away your together time, but I feel like we might as well have gotten cable because Jon spends even more time in front of the Tv then if we would have had cable. 

My expectations are that when Jon comes home from work we can have a nice evening together where we relax and spend time with one another.  Jon somewhat understands my view, but his view of relaxing when he comes home from work is sitting and playing Wii.  This absolutely drives me crazy because I want to talk to him and talk about how our days went…. and he wants to play Wii.  I mean I’ve played the Wii before, it’s a fun game, but hours playing it? How can guys do it?  It is a fact that the Wii has caused more fights in our marriage thus far then anything else. Now you have to say, that’s ridiculous!

Another thing I don’t appreciate is the shooting games.  Jon had bought this shooting game and one day I watched the little movie intro to the level he was about to play.  It was imitating World War 2 and Jon was on the team that was going and killing the Germans.  I had big issues with this.  I lived in Germany for a year, so when I saw Jon shooting and being part of it, yes, I actually started crying.  Don’t worry though, Jon was too enthralled with his game to notice!

Anyways all that being said, I love Jon to death, and I have learned to understand his love for video games… but I definitely think the Wii should have a Warning on it before you buy it that says Warning: may cause marriage problems!

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more pictures from the wedding

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Wedding pictures

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Wedding Stress

Posted on May 6, 2008. Filed under: about me, personal, wedding blogs |

This week has been crazy. There’s only 4 days left until the wedding, and it’s busy busy. This week I have really begun to appreciate how God sometimes brings together husbands and wives who are completely different for good reason.  As I have been “emotionaly unstable” this week, I have begun to see how Jon is and will continue to be my stability in times of need. Obviously I look to Jesus in these times for His complete strength, but God has used Jon as a blessing in my life. He has been the one beside me telling me that everything is going to be ok and that I don’t need to worry. He is the one that has brought me down to earth when I freak out thinking my life is falling apart.

Though there is so much wedding stress, I have learned to let it go and know that by the end of the day on Saturday, I am going to be married and that’s all that matters.  The little things like reception decorations and flower details fall way behind in the light of the joy that will be evident on May 10th. God has brought Jon and I together and let no man (or decoration) separate us from that love. I am very excited for Saturday and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle into the arms of the one I love.

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3 weeks left!

Posted on April 20, 2008. Filed under: personal, wedding blogs |

Oh my goodness! Slight freak out today. There’s only three weeks left until the wedding. That is absolutely insane. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but it’s still insane.  On Saturday’s we have our pre-marital counseling with our pastor.  It has actually been quite the pleasant experience. Not anything like what you see on the movies. 

There are a few things that have been really important to learn.  One of those was “how to fight.” Jon and I have issues with fighting. When we fight, it takes us forever to resolve it.  We both won’t talk for a really long time, then one person usually drives home and then a half an hour later someone calls and apologizes and then we explain ourselves, and then everything is good.  In counselling we have talked about how it’s important to take those breaks to go think about everything and not blow up at the other person, but those breaks need to be timed.  We have decided that we can’t go for more than an hour without resolving the conflict, or else it just builds up and builds up then some day all of the frustrations will come pouring out and we will have so many things to deal with.  Apparently the key to fighting nice is dealing with problems as they come.  Don’t ever let any un-resolved problems go.  This way it keeps the air “free.”

Another important thing we have learned about is our characteristics.  For one, I am the biggest feeler ever. I love talking about things and I am quite emotional. On the other hand Jon is quite “steady.”  He doesn’t need to talk about things in depth and he’s not that emotional.  Put these two personalities together and you get an interesting mix. (Although interesting, God has deliberately brought us as opposites together. I really believe that) Together we have learned that sometimes I just need to know that Jon doesn’t want to talk about stuff.  He sometimes just doesn’t feel like talking (I know, how can that be possible!) And he just likes his space.  But me, yes I like to talk about everything.  When he comes back from the youth group he works at, I want to hear how it went.  I want him to share his heart about the night and all the amazing things that must have happened. He just sees it as any old night.  We have learned how to compromise.  Sometimes Jon needs to talk and share with me, and sometimes I just need to let him be quiet and not pressure him to talk.  I am sure that all of these differences will be even more evident when we’re married, but honestly I can not wait.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to work through our marriage to bring us closer to Himself.

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