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When I listened to one of the K12 conference speakers he spoke about computers in the school and how to implement them.  One of the things he mentioned really interested me.  He talked about how you shouldn’t give out the same “amount” of computers to each teacher and classroom.  At first I thought this sounded unfair, but he explained it well.  He said in the school district he works for, he needs a small written letter explaining what the teacher wants to use the technology for.  If this teacher wants a new computer so he/she can check their email and put together a powerpoint for their class, it’s not being fair to the teachers who are going to use the technology for bigger and better things like blogging, “Google Reader,” online collaboration, video tools, voicethreads etc.  Also, his job is to hold the teachers accountable.  I think this is equally as important.  A teacher might have good intentions to use those types of tools in the classroom, but never give it the time, and the technology could go to waste.  This podcast just interested me because he was coming from the other side of the wall.  He was the one that allocated where the computers go, who used them, and if they used them.  I am on the other side.  I am the ambitious teacher with dreams to use all sorts of technology in the classroom as long as I have the means to do so.

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My final this, final that and then it’s done

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So its finals.  It’s going to be nuts.  Monday is crazy with so many things due.  The good news is that after Friday, it’s over for a little while.  I “handed in” my final project and I am happy with it. For the amount of resources out there for teaching English through music, I think I did well.  The very interesting part of this is that I talked to my cousin the other day who is teaching English in Korea.  I told her about my wikispace and she’s going to use it in her classroom!  I can’t wait to hear how it goes.  The thing that I am most excited about is how it will be an ongoing project that I can continue to update.  Right now I am not a teacher… and I did not have these resources when I did a bit of teaching English in Germany.  When I actually get into an early childhood classroom, I will be able to update these resources and add more categories.  It will be something that I can use for my whole teaching career!  But enough about school type stuff right now, I’m almost done!

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The Rider fairy

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This is Tech Task #5, a story about the Riders and their fairy. 

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I chose to mentor the younger students in Kathy Casiddy’s classroom.  I am specializing in Pre-K to 3, and I felt that I would do a better job encouraging them to think then the grade 12’s.  Kathy Cassidy posted a picture of two little boys.  They looked like they could have been from South America.  She got them to comment on the picture.  Preston said this…

  xbkdnfbhfnhjf. the hbvhncufj.mnngbilfkgh Editor: I think that the little boy is crying and the boy isn’t crying. It is green in the background.

I wanted Preston to reflect about why the boy was crying.  I wanted him to put himself into the other child’s shoes so he could try and understand what was causing the conflict. (Centered on Piaget’s ideas of Pre-operational stage where a child can think symbolically and take another’s perspective.)  This is what I commented…
Hey Preston
I agree with you. I think the younger boy is crying and the older boy isn’t. What would you do if you were holding a baby who was crying? Could you do anything to make them stop crying?

Comment Posted on November 26, 2007 at 10:51 AM by Danielle

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