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The end is nearing

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It is getting close to the end of school and I am glad.  I feel like I am getting more stressed out and less motivated.  I don’t want to rush through the end of school yet on the other hand, I want to be done.  When I look back and reflect on this semester I realize the amount of knowledge I have gained.  In some instances, the education program seems so obvious.  Be nice to kids, don’t judge them, treat everyone fairly etc.  But then it’s the little things you realize about yourself that make the impact.  You realize that you have perceptions and judgments of the world that are a little off kilter.  Some of the ideas that you are instilled with growing up are challenged and brought to life.  These are the things that I love reflecting on when looking back.  My philosophy on teaching has changed, and I didn’t even realize it.  It will be interesting to look back after four years, and really see my growth and development as a teacher.

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Reflection on Tux Math

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Tux Math is geared for kids who want to develop their math skills. This tool develops basic math such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. It also increases the child’s efficiency, memorization and speed in math. Tux Math does this by having equations fall from the “sky.” The player needs to type in the correct answer and press enter to zap the equation. Slowly, more and more equations fall from the sky at an increasing speed. When you reach a certain speed and number of points the game switches to a new and harder level.

I would use this tool in a elementary classroom as a teaching resource for math class. I think this game would motivate the children who are already good at math to get better and better… but more importantly, this game could encourage the weaker math students, who don’t enjoy math to have fun while practicing their math skills! When I was practicing multiplication skills in elementary school we used worksheets. We had a minute to get through as many questions as possible. Tux Math is a tool that naturally “evaluates” the students. There is no need for worksheets. It’s not in the form of a test like the minute math worksheets, but a fun game. This is important because rather then quizzing them on their current ability, they are being pushed to reach their highest potential.

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Here is our video about saving energy. We already have two honours from youtube. They are for non profits and activism.

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A lifetime of stories in one square

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At this point in my life, these are the things that are most important to me. A budding love that has taken a step into marriage. A passion for music and teaching. Camp, where I can love kids and tell them about a relationship with Jesus.

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Moment to Remember

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This week has changed my life.  As of Tuesday October 30 at about 9:40 I am officially a bride to be.  Jon, my boyrfriend at the time, now my fiance shocked me with a surprise after I got home from youth group. Here our story unfolds,

Jon and I had become friends when I was in grade 11.  I met him through a really close friend at the time, and there was definitely nothing going on between us.  Ironically, I actually took him to grad with me because we were just friends.  I didn’t want to look back on my grad pictures and see myself with a high school crush, so I decided to have Jon go with me instead. I knew we would have a good time.  After grade 12, I went away to an English Bible School in Germany for a year.  Jon and I somewhat kept in touch with the casual email, but it’s when I got home that everything changed.

After about a month of being home, Jon told me he liked me.  I was distraught!  A) I wasn’t ready for a relationship and B) I knew I didn’t like him like that.  After 15 minutes of “letting him down easy” sentences, I had told Jon that I only liked him as a friend but… do you want to know what Jon heard?  I wasn’t ready yet.  My goodness!  *Note to all readers, if you ever want to tell a guy you’re not interested, keep it simple, just say no.  They’ll get it much easier that way.

But thankfully Jon kept pursueing me, and a month later I came to my senses and realized I actually did like him.  We started dating June 12th 2006.  Here I will give you an idea of our relationship so everything else makes sense later.  We are both Christians, and we both see marriage as super important.  We want to strive for purity in our relationship and keep ourselves wholly for our future husband/wife.  We both agree that the word “love” means a commitment to the better good of the other person, so we decided to wait to say “I love you” until we knew that we were completely committed to the other person for life.  More or less, we weren’t going to say “I love you” until we were engaged.  Now let’s speed ahead to this summer…

After a year of dating we had talked about getting married, and what it would look like.  Were our hearts the same? Did we want the same type of things?  Both Jon and I realized that we could see ourselves getting married, and one weekend when I was home from the summer camp I worked at, Jon and I went ring shopping.  I pointed out the ones that I liked and he took note.  Even after a year of dating Jon had still never bought me red roses. (Because they signify love, and we still hadn’t said I love you.)

Saturday October 27th, 2007: Jon made me a scavenger hunt around the south east part of Regina.  He wrote a poem with clues to where everything would be.  At each place I had to find a bag with a wooden puzzle piece inside.  The last clue led me back to his place where the last puzzle piece was found.  When I put all the pieces together, it made a giant wooden heart puzzle with our initials J.M. + D.B. burned in.  He made me a candlelit dinner, and I was definitely thinking “this would be a perfect night for a proposal.” But NOTHING!  Yes, I was somewhat disapointed, but I tried not to let it show…

Tuesday October 30, 2007: I have an 8:30am class on Tuesday’s and I barely make it to school on time, never mind shower and try and make myself look good.  So Tuesday was a sweats day with greasy hair and no make-up.  That night I went to Faith Baptist’s youth group as usual and I had taken the youth girls shopping for Operation Christmas Child boxes.   I was in a ‘blah’ mood that day and Jon and I were supposed to just watch a movie when I got home.  After shopping I was running late, and I still had to drop two girls off before heading back to my house.  I called Jon while driving to let him know I was going to be late, and he told me he was already at my house waiting!  I knew I was  late but I didn’t realize that he had already “beat me there!” (Truth be told, he had actually been there for about 2 hours already)  When I walked in I could smell candles, but it didn’t really phase me because Jon lights candles all the time at his house.  I thought maybe he decided to light a couple downstairs.  I went to the basement and he wasn’t down there!  He called my name and told me to wait a second, and then I could come upstairs.  I was slightly confused especially because our tvs are only on the main level and in the basement. When he was ready he called me all the way upstairs.  As soon as I reached the top step I saw red rose pedals covering the hardwood leading to my room.  Instantly I started tearing up as I slowly tiptoed over the meaningful symbols.  As I turned into my dark room, I was stunned to see my room illuminated with little white tea-lights placed all over the floor and dressers. Alongside the candles were hundreds more of the red rose pedals covering my bed, dressers and floor.  There were two vases, one on my dresser, and one on my nightstand.  Each with 2 dozen red roses inside.   Jon was smiling at me while sitting on my bed with his guitar in hand.  He was wearing a black suit, black shirt, with a white tie. He quietly waited for me to walk through the path of candles leading to him.  When I sat beside him, he started to play Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban.  As I watched and listened to him sing, “I’m gunna love you, like nobody loves you,” I gave in to my emotions and let the waterworks go.  When he finished he looked at me sweetly and said some really nice things (which I actually don’t remember.)  He then got down beside the bed on one knee and looked at me with his big blue-green eyes. He grabbed my shaky hand and told me for the first time that he loved me.  He pulled the ring box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.  Through my tears I managed to come up with a “yes, and I love you too!” We hugged each other tightly as I rested there in his arms for a bit… letting every wonderful feeling sink in. 

That night I didn’t call many people because I wanted my engagement night to be special with just Jon and I.  We ended up just sitting and watching TV, instead of the movie we were originally planning on.  When my parents got home we told them the news and I walked them through how Jon had asked me. 

The plan is to get married on May 10th and in these next 6 months I will try and balance school, teaching piano and now planning a wedding.  Stay tuned for blogs to come about the joys and stresses of what this will mean!

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