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White Privilege

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We discussed in my Educational Foundations class today what it means for us as white people to have privileges over other cultures.  I was amazed at how much I was a fish in water and couldn’t see what was going on because I am the privileged group. I don’t know if I can come to any conclusions of what I think or how I can deal with this as a teacher in a classroom yet.  But slowly I am being changed to see the real world and the racism that is still alive and prevalent today.  This is a YouTube video I found that just begins to talk about what we discussed this evening.

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Why Wait?

Posted on January 18, 2008. Filed under: personal, wedding blogs |

Today was one of those days that I ask myself, why am I waiting for marriage?  I was quite frustrated with my parents today.  They have a tendency to be very nit picky about how clean our house is.  If anything is lying around it gets moved or “put away,” which means I can’t find anything.  It gets me so frustrated and I just wish I was living with Jon already and I would have our own house with our own rules etc. etc.  But why am I not living with Jon? Because I have chosen to have a relationship with Jesus and follow his teachings.  It says that a man and woman will leave their father and mother and become joined to one another, and two are united into one.  Yeah this uniting doesn’t happen until the wedding day which isn’t for four months… You’d think the answer would be simple and I should just move out and live with my fiance.  I mean that’s what the rest of the world does right?  Yet somethings holding me back.  Some inward desire that trusts what the Bible says is true and that holding off till marriage is the right thing to do… That God has created a bond between the husband and wife that begins the wedding day and grows until death do us part.  Although I sometimes get so frustrated still living under my parents roof, I cling to the fact that God has a plan for me and that He loves to bless those who try and seek after him in obedience and faith. And besides it’s only four more months. Phew!

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Centre pieces

Posted on January 16, 2008. Filed under: personal, wedding blogs |

It has been crazy trying to find the right centre pieces within a reasonable amount of money.  But yesterday I think I found them.  I went to Jysk and found really cheap little sea shell candles, candle holders and blue and turquoise napkins (Which are my colours) Putting them together has been kind of fun and I like the way it’s turning out.  The only problem is that I hope I don’t light everything on fire.  Each table has about 8 candles.  Is that too much? Is it a fire hazard? Some of them are small but they aren’t very stable.  I bought (25) 0.97 cent cloth napkins, (25) 0.99 cent package of 6 shell candles, (25) 0.50 cent tealight holders and (25) $2.00 large candle holders.  In total that’s about 4.50 per table.  I thought that was pretty good.  I am not quite sure what to do for favours quite yet but it will come.

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Here it comes

Posted on January 2, 2008. Filed under: reflection |

The new semester is coming quick and I am trying to get myself into school mode.  I still have so much to do that should have been done over Christmas break… oops! As I reflect on the past semester I realize how my views of education have been challenged and molded. Not so much from the theorists and philosophers, but from my profs and my peers.  I never knew I was so easily motivated by people’s opinions and ideas, but I see myself being changed in front of my own eyes.  I took a Kinesiology class this past semester that emphasized health and wellness in children and adults.  We as teachers and role models, were encouraged to change our lifestyle so we can be an example to the kids.  It has worked! My fiancee and I have decided to exercise daily, and not eat junk food before our wedding.  I know that there will be times where a chocolate bar is needed or there is a day without some push-ups, but I truly want to try and get healthier; for myself, and my future students.

The one thing I am really excited for this next semester is our class discussions.  I find that I get along quite well with education students, and I love hearing their ideas for change in “the classroom.”  I am also taking two non-education classes which will be interesting.  I am taking a Christianity class and a Philosophy class.  I can’t wait to see what other ways I will be challenged to grow this semester. 

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