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Wiki page

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I had a dilemna with my final project. I wanted to do a Webquest for Teaching English Through Music because this is something on my heart. In the next few years I want to go to India to teach at a Dalit Education Centre. The Dalits are a people group in India that are the lowest of the low due to the caste system. My problem was that if I did a lesson plan for the students, they wouldn’t be able to read it because the lesson itself is about learning English! Then I decided that I would make my Webquest for teachers. I would make a lesson plan, teaching them how to teach English through Music… but this also turned into a dilemma. I haven’t taught English through Music before, so I don’t really know what a good lesson plan looks like! After talking to Alec, I decided to do a Wiki page. This page will have resources for teachers looking to teach English through Music. I will decide which resources I think are most valuable and then organize them into a space where they are accessible. When I do end up going to India, I will use this page as a resource site which I can update and keep current.

Here is my wikispace. 

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The weeks are all blending together

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I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday!  The weeks are blending together and I can’t keep track.  Thank goodness I have most of my midterms out of the way for now!  There are just some presentations coming up that I need to get ready for and then I think I am in the clear for a couple of weeks.  Education is so bad for having a ton of group presentations all due around the same time.   Looking at my schedule, it’s impossible to try and find time to get together to work with everyone.

One thing that I am getting excited for is to start teaching in the Kindergarten classroom I volunteer at.  The teacher I work with at Henry Braun School, Joanne Zepp, told me that I should start preparing lessons and getting books ready that I would like to read to the kids.  I am so excited that she is giving me this opportunity to start practicing in the classroom before I intern and pre-intern.  She is such a great teacher and I owe a lot of what I know about teaching to her.  I have volunteered with her over the last 4 years and she seems happy to have me help, and I am happy to be in the classroom!

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Peer editing

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I have found an interesting blog that has to do with peer editing. If I end up in a class that is old enough to write, I would like to keep these ideas and resources available when I get to a school.

peer editing

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How far I’ve come

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So I have decided that this class has taught me a lot of useful stuff. Even Google Reader is a resource that I am going to use. This class has truly given us practical resources to work with. We have a lot of group projects coming up in education, and it is not reasonable for us to find time to get together. Google Reader is going to come in handy as we need to collaborate our information into one document. We need to make a reading and writing lesson for a grade 4/5 class. There are six different areas of the assignment that we have to work with, and we will separate into smaller groups for each section. If we use Google reader, this makes it possible to see and change the other parts of the assignment that we have or have not worked on. This will be handy and I am excited to use this resource for an actual assignment besides our Ecmp assignments.

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stayin’ organized

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I find that as I get busier, I get messier and less organized. I came across an educational blog that discussed what to do with email. I think he’s got a good idea going. I work in an office, and I get emails coming in at random times. I don’t work everyday, and I find that I go back a week later and wonder if I had dealt with one of the emails! I had read the email, but had I completed the task? Joeal has said that it’s best to read the email and drag it into the correct folder right away. Then anything left in the inbox means that it’s urgent and it needs to be dealt with the next time you look at your inbox. Here is the link to his blog.

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Some interesting blogs

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