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Is 4 too Young for School?

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So I have officially been offered a full time Kindergarten position at W.H. Ford here in Regina.  I am extremely excited and I feel very blessed to be given this opportunity.  As I prepare for this job, I am trying to get my act together, and figure out what I want to do this year.  I have already sent out a letter to my student’s parents introducing myself.  I also proposed a “have your teacher over for iced tea” idea, and I have already got 3 emails from parents very excited about this opportunity.  I had heard another teacher talk about how she had done this, and she said it was very successful; especially with EAL families as this idea is more culturally accepted in other countries.  I believe that parents know more about their child than I EVER will, so I want to learn from them. 

One parent has responded to my letter and has questioned whether she should put her 4 year old daughter into Kindergarten yet.  She is a December baby and though she has been in Pre-K for 1.5 years, and knows how to spell her name, her mother is still a bit worried.  The mother’s older son is in high school and just took a Psychology class where they learned about some of the effects a child’s birthdate can have on sports and school.  She wants to know if I have heard of any studies, and she is just generally confused on what would be best for her daughter. 

I am biased because I went to Kindergarten when I was 4, and my birthday is also in December.  I think I did well.  I never struggled academically, and I was still able to make friends, but that was me… and each child is very different.  “The Independent” says that most teachers believe 4 is too young for school, and that Scandinavian countries that start their children in school at 7 score much higher on international tests.  I do agree with their idea that children up to age 11 need a play based curriculum, but I am not entirely sold on stopping four year olds from entering Kindergarten.  I think that if Kindergarten is done correctly, and children are learning in a hands on, child centered learning environment, maybe 4 year olds can be successful in Kindergarten.  Either way, this is just the beginning of my thoughts on the matter, and I am sure I will have more to think about as the conversation continues. 

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