3 weeks left!

Posted on April 20, 2008. Filed under: personal, wedding blogs |

Oh my goodness! Slight freak out today. There’s only three weeks left until the wedding. That is absolutely insane. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but it’s still insane.  On Saturday’s we have our pre-marital counseling with our pastor.  It has actually been quite the pleasant experience. Not anything like what you see on the movies. 

There are a few things that have been really important to learn.  One of those was “how to fight.” Jon and I have issues with fighting. When we fight, it takes us forever to resolve it.  We both won’t talk for a really long time, then one person usually drives home and then a half an hour later someone calls and apologizes and then we explain ourselves, and then everything is good.  In counselling we have talked about how it’s important to take those breaks to go think about everything and not blow up at the other person, but those breaks need to be timed.  We have decided that we can’t go for more than an hour without resolving the conflict, or else it just builds up and builds up then some day all of the frustrations will come pouring out and we will have so many things to deal with.  Apparently the key to fighting nice is dealing with problems as they come.  Don’t ever let any un-resolved problems go.  This way it keeps the air “free.”

Another important thing we have learned about is our characteristics.  For one, I am the biggest feeler ever. I love talking about things and I am quite emotional. On the other hand Jon is quite “steady.”  He doesn’t need to talk about things in depth and he’s not that emotional.  Put these two personalities together and you get an interesting mix. (Although interesting, God has deliberately brought us as opposites together. I really believe that) Together we have learned that sometimes I just need to know that Jon doesn’t want to talk about stuff.  He sometimes just doesn’t feel like talking (I know, how can that be possible!) And he just likes his space.  But me, yes I like to talk about everything.  When he comes back from the youth group he works at, I want to hear how it went.  I want him to share his heart about the night and all the amazing things that must have happened. He just sees it as any old night.  We have learned how to compromise.  Sometimes Jon needs to talk and share with me, and sometimes I just need to let him be quiet and not pressure him to talk.  I am sure that all of these differences will be even more evident when we’re married, but honestly I can not wait.  I can’t wait to see how God is going to work through our marriage to bring us closer to Himself.

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