Prison Break: The Game

Posted on January 27, 2015. Filed under: educational, games, Grade 1 & 2 |

I am excited about a little game I thought up today while planning for a guided reading lesson tomorrow. It’s called Prison Break. It’s nothing special, but it is a way the kids can practice their sight words/”jail” words.

Photo 2015-01-27, 5 06 48 PM
I made a simple little game board that had little obstacles that our prisoner had to accomplish before they were able to escape. (Many of my ideas came from the actual Fox show, Prison Break! Lol. If you haven’t seen it, you need to!)
In my class, we call words that don’t follow the English rules jail words, or “cage words.” I actually keep my words above my chair in an old bird cage.

Photo 2015-01-27, 5 10 28 PM
Tomorrow, the kids are going to be put into groups. Every group is going to make their own prison break game board with missions on it. Each group is also going to get a package of sight words. One chid will put sight words on the game board from what they think goes from easiest to hardest. The other members of the group have to read the word before they can move past that obstacle. The winner is the person, or group, that ends up free.

Photo 2015-01-27, 5 15 45 PM
I plan on laminating my board, and we can use it for math flash cards, or really anything!

Update: It worked! The kids are LOVING making their own board games. The nice thing is, it doesn’t really matter what they put down, because the real challenge will be reading the “cage words.”

Photo 2015-01-28, 11 19 42 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 19 47 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 19 51 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 19 56 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 20 04 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 20 11 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 20 23 AM Photo 2015-01-28, 11 20 29 AM

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Thanks for explaining your game so well, the pictures help show how well this went over with your students. The strategy sex my mind spinning over the possibilities for my own class.

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