How the Wii Can Ruin a Marriage

Posted on August 5, 2008. Filed under: wedding blogs |

Don’t worry, Jon and I are not getting a divorce.  Our marriage is fine, but let me tell you about a little gaming console that I am sure is ruining marriages around the country… It’s called the Wii…  Jon’s groomsmen went in together to buy Jon a Wii for his bachelor party.  At first, this seemed like a really cool and expensive gift.  I soon realized the horrors that come with it.  It seems that Jon has this obsession with video games which I didn’t fully realize until we got married.  His friends gave us Wii games as wedding gifts and the first three months of marriage I have been learning how to deal with his zoned out stare at the TV.  We deliberately didn’t get cable because we heard some marriage advice that it is best if you learn how to talk and communicate with each other for the first year rather then letting Tv take away your together time, but I feel like we might as well have gotten cable because Jon spends even more time in front of the Tv then if we would have had cable. 

My expectations are that when Jon comes home from work we can have a nice evening together where we relax and spend time with one another.  Jon somewhat understands my view, but his view of relaxing when he comes home from work is sitting and playing Wii.  This absolutely drives me crazy because I want to talk to him and talk about how our days went…. and he wants to play Wii.  I mean I’ve played the Wii before, it’s a fun game, but hours playing it? How can guys do it?  It is a fact that the Wii has caused more fights in our marriage thus far then anything else. Now you have to say, that’s ridiculous!

Another thing I don’t appreciate is the shooting games.  Jon had bought this shooting game and one day I watched the little movie intro to the level he was about to play.  It was imitating World War 2 and Jon was on the team that was going and killing the Germans.  I had big issues with this.  I lived in Germany for a year, so when I saw Jon shooting and being part of it, yes, I actually started crying.  Don’t worry though, Jon was too enthralled with his game to notice!

Anyways all that being said, I love Jon to death, and I have learned to understand his love for video games… but I definitely think the Wii should have a Warning on it before you buy it that says Warning: may cause marriage problems!

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2 Responses to “How the Wii Can Ruin a Marriage”

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After 27 years of married life, I’ve discovered that, at least in my marriage, there’s enough separation and divided interest growing out time spent at work. When we’re together without the work-related considerations, we TRY to stay on the same relative wavelength during what can be construed as our leisure time. Of course, playing the video games together would be one solution. Well, maybe. (I hate video games!) Larry Green

Okay, I have been married for 12 years with a major crisis in the middle (that with the help of God we made it through) and now… 5 years later am feeling your pain. I am not planning to ask my dear husband for a divorce again. I have learned that love is a choice and I am sticking to it, “In good times and in bad…” yadda-yadda. However, I feel your pain. Even after 12 years I want to be his one and only, (so maybe I’m a little high maintenance, but that’s a different blog 🙂 ) I’m not sure of a great solution. I don’t know where you live but maybe we should get together for coffee. I’m sure the boys would never miss us. LOL. Good luck!

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