EC&I 834 Summary of Learning

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I used for my summary of learning! It’s a great alternative to Powerpoint, Keynote, or Prezi as a presentation tool. One of Emaze’s options is to create a mini site. It’s a really neat way to showcase learning!

Here is a quick screen cast to explain how to navigate the mini site.

Explore my Summary of Learning mini site for yourself here.

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My failure with Garageband

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This week I chose to dive a little deeper into Garageband, and I’m a little disappointed I did, as I did not end up with the amazing project that I was hoping.

I started with writing a song on the piano. I originally wanted this as the background music for a podcast type recording. I recorded it with GarageBand’s microphone on my MacbookPro.


First negative: The sound quality kind of sucked because I used my Macbook. On the loud parts of my song, the song becamscreen-shot-2017-02-07-at-9-32-31-pme distorted. When I have recorded piano music on my iPhone using Voice notes, this has not happened before. Note to self: always record piano music with the iPhone’s mic.

After I had the track in Garage band, I wanted to add some strings and synth sounds. Perhaps even some drums! I have used Garageband on my iPad before, and this was file-feb-07-9-52-42-pmextremely easy. T
he iOS version has “smart
instruments” where you barely need to know music and can make some pretty great mixes. I looked to add instruments on the Macbook’s Garageband, and foscreen-shot-2017-02-08-at-4-49-34-pmr the life of me I could not figure out how to get it to play! I could see the instruments, but all that showed up was knobs, and I was not sure how to make these play along with my music.


I figured the next step would then be importing my track from my Macbook to the iPad. Also a fail. After a ton of Googling how to’s, apparently you can’t do that! You can use the “lesser platform,” the iPad, to import to the Macbook, but not the other way.

After some more research, this worked. In fact, it worked better than I would have thought! Apparently there is an app that is called Logic Remote. It is built to connect your iPad’s Garageband to the Macbook’s Garageband.


Positive: Logic Remote connects your iPad to your Macbook wirelessly and allows for music live! I was able to play the smart instruments on my iPad in real time, and the sound came through on my computer.

BUT… there was one issue. It wasn’t sounding right. The smart instrument, though in the right key, was not blending with my piano score.  I tried to switch keys, and the music was still not blending.  This is when I realized my fatal mistake. Apparently I had left the default key of C major on my original piano track when I recorded even though it was written in E major. I figured I could switch it later- but it was too late. When I tried to switch the key once my track had been recorded, Garageband actually transposed it up and down. I had no idea it could even do that! There was no way of blending the music in the original Garageband track.

Negative & Positive: Garageband has the capacity to transpose your music. It’s great if you need it to be transposed, but crappy if you don’t want it to be.

So after numerous tries, and copying and pasting my track into another Garageband file with the right key selected (where it wouldn’t play anyways by the way) I gave up.  Unless I want to re-record my piano piece, (which is practically impossible to do again without mistakes) I decided to just leave it. I learned a lot about Garageband through this process, and that will have to be good enough for me.

Summary of pros and cons


The iPad has a very easy to navigate Garageband interface.

Logic Remote was an excellent tool to connect the iPad to the Macbook’s GB.

Garageband has the capacity to transpose your own music, mostly likely using Midi.


I wasn’t able to navigate the Macbook Pro’s Garageband very easily. Could not figure out how to add instruments to my track.

The quality of recording through Garageband on the Mac was not good. It distorted the loud parts of my song.

Garageband transposes your music to a new key if you want to change the default key after. This is problematic if you don’t know music well, and don’t know which key you are playing in, OR you don’t change it immediately which is what happened to me.

Garageband would not let me sign in with Google to share to SoundCloud. I had to use Facebook to sign in, which I don’t usually like doing.

It was time consuming, so I didn’t even get to my original plan which was making a podcast. I’m sure that part would have been the easiest part anyway!

One last con… I am trying to embed my track into this post, and everything I have looked up says there should be an embed tab on Soundcloud’s share page. Well mine doesn’t have one, so you will have to click on the link to hear my piece if you want.



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