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Married to my job?

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What determines a good marriage?  How much time you spend with the other person? How many years you have been together? How well you get along?

Probably all of these things play a role in what a good marriage looks like… well… which one of these plays a role in how good of a teacher you are?  Which one of these proves you are married to your job? Perhaps how much time you spend at work?  How many years you have been teaching?  How good you are at it?

By no means do I want to consider myself one of “those” people who is married to their job, but when I look at the stats, it’s kind of frightening!

  Husband Teaching
Time spent together on an average day 3 hours 9.5 hours
How many years together total 5 years 4 years Uni 1 yr teaching
How good I am at being a wife/teacher I’m learning I’m learning
How much $ I have spent on them since Sept. $50 $350+
Minutes spent talking ABOUT them per day 2-5 min? 30 min

Do I love my husband? Absolutely! Do I love my job? Yes! But did this little blog post make me realize what is important to me and what SHOULD be important to me… very much so.  As teachers I think we sometimes let our JOB take over our LIFE.  I want to be a wife before I’m a teacher.  Even though I value what I do at school, I want to make sure that I value what I have at home even more.  If you are a teacher, and you are reading this right now, I encourage you to get off your computer and go show your closest friends or family that you love them more than your job.  Let me know how it goes!

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