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Workplace hunger

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Why is it that when I’m at work I am more hungry then when I’m at school or home.  (A side note, I also sneeze more at work then anywhere else but I’m going to stick to talking about hunger.) I sit at a desk everyday and work on the computer and walk back and forth to a literature room… but is that really enough over-exertion that I am constantly hungry? I’m also really bad for walking to the lunch room and buying M&M peanuts from the little 25 cent vending machine.  What is it about work that makes you hungry?!? It might be that people are so bored all they can think about is how hungry they are, or maybe there’s something in the air that does truly make you hungry.  I know physical activity can make you hungry but can mental activity make you hungry? Maybe it’s all the thinking involved with a desk job. (You can read that sentence as sarcastic or literal. Make it fit you and your job.)

I have also noticed that it’s sometimes hard to eat healthy meals while at work.  The people at my office go out to eat a lot. My boss is awesome for that because she puts our meal on the company credit card, but it sure makes it hard to eat healthy when you could have a free lunch. The other problem is that I only take a half hour for lunch, and I go home, so I gotta have something quick. Then when I come back to work I’m usually still hungry and it becomes a viscious cycle.  If anyone else has this problem or even better, has a solution… let me know!

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