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I chose to mentor the younger students in Kathy Casiddy’s classroom.  I am specializing in Pre-K to 3, and I felt that I would do a better job encouraging them to think then the grade 12’s.  Kathy Cassidy posted a picture of two little boys.  They looked like they could have been from South America.  She got them to comment on the picture.  Preston said this…

  xbkdnfbhfnhjf. the hbvhncufj.mnngbilfkgh Editor: I think that the little boy is crying and the boy isn’t crying. It is green in the background.

I wanted Preston to reflect about why the boy was crying.  I wanted him to put himself into the other child’s shoes so he could try and understand what was causing the conflict. (Centered on Piaget’s ideas of Pre-operational stage where a child can think symbolically and take another’s perspective.)  This is what I commented…
Hey Preston
I agree with you. I think the younger boy is crying and the older boy isn’t. What would you do if you were holding a baby who was crying? Could you do anything to make them stop crying?

Comment Posted on November 26, 2007 at 10:51 AM by Danielle

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