Hello world… I mean EC&I834

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You have to love when you click on someone’s blog and that is the post title you see; the general “hello world” blank page that WordPress sets up for the poor soul who tried to start up a blog and then never followed through. It happens a lot. Especially with teachers. I cringe every time I click on a school’s website and then on the link to a classroom teacher’s webpage and there’s nothing there! Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand how it can be overwhelming for teachers, but I wish they would ask someone who could help them, as it is such a great resource for students and parents!


Ironic that a screenshot of Alec and Katia’s EC&I 834 page is what I am using as an example!

My journey into technology in the classroom started in my undergrad when I first took Alec’s EDCMP255 class. I did not do well. In fact, it’s one of my worst undergrad marks! I think I got a 70. I’m not sure what the assignment was, but would you like to see one of my first video assignments? We posted a video to “The Youtube.”

Yep that’s it! The title was our name? It had grainy stolen Google images, and I think we were trying to be funny- but were quite unsuccessful. Want to know the best part? It has 79 views! Those poor 80 people who have watched this video and wasted 20 seconds of their life. Although to be honest, we have all probably wasted away more than 20 seconds of our lives on pointless Youtube videos at some time or another… Cat videos anyone?

In Alec’s 255 class, I think we were supposed to make a wiki for our final project and mine sucked pretty bad I guess… especially to end up with a 70! But it’s a good thing I didn’t give up, because in my next undergrad tech class, Edcamp355 (with Dean Shareski @shareski) I made an even better Youtube video that has over 16,000 views. Apparently people really want to know how to use puppets in the classroom?!

The point is that I have been learning and growing ever since. Sometimes I have successful tech moments where a video I made or something I shared really impacts people or gets a lot of hits, (like this post I created on the difference between male and female teachers)


and other days I create something that has very little impact and isn’t very helpful. (Ironic- but the blog post about how to use puppets is one of my least popular!)


But that’s ok! The best part is the CREATION. That’s where the learning happens, at least for me.

That said, I currently feel fairly fluent in technology and I use it quite a bit in my primary classroom. Technology is a learned skill just like anything! It takes practice, mentors, and more practice. Classes like EC&I 834 are perfect opportunities to practice creating content and sharing it with others.

That leads me to my next point- what are my goals for this class?

  1. I want to learn how to create an online class so that when/if I move into another teaching role, I will be able to facilitate an online learning environment that works for all types of learners.
  2. I want to hear about Alec and Katia’s experience with online courses. I want to hear them get vulnerable and share the feedback they have received from students! What has worked? What hasn’t?
  3. I want to get ideas from the other amazing educators in the class. What kind of great ideas are they using? How are they going to use this in their practice?

It’s going to be a great semester, and I can’t wait to learn from this great big group of educators!


“The road ahead” photo credit: Kate Russell via Flickr

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