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Today our pastor talked about faith, and I love some of the stuff he was saying. I tried to quickly take notes and this is what I got.
Faith is a messed up word in our culture. We think its about us doing something. It shouldn’t be. Our faith is grounded in the person and work of God. Faith is not a Personal word.
Faith is not denying the obvious or inevitable, a warm feeling that requires you to check your intellect at the door. Not a motivational seminar to ensure a better life for yourself. Its not a stupid positive mental attitude. It’s not ignoring the pain and embracing optimism.
It is active confidence in the God who has revealed himself, not the ensuring of someone out in space. We all have the faith, the capacity to trust. What we base our faith on is not trusting in our circumstances, but rather the Sovereign God. When we trust in ourself, it either becomes a pity party because we can’t do it and feel like giving up, or we think we can do it on our own, and we have a rude awakening when we realize we can’t.
Anything here ring true for you?

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One Response to “Faith”

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I agree having faith is important. šŸ™‚

Faith helps manifest our thoughts and goals in life. Having faith in oneself is having trust in the Divine, for there is divinity in all of us, regardless of religion.

Have a wonderful New Year!

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