Pros and Cons of Blackberry Curve

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The Blackberry Curve with the trackpad is one of the newer Blackberrys that are out right now, and I thought I would share a little bit about the things I like and the things I don’t.  I have had it for just about a month…


Trackpad- It doesn’t have a trackball but a track pad.  I really like this feature.  It is easy to maneuver and once you get used to it it’s quite easy to use.  All you have to do is slide your finger right and left to move sideways, and slide your finger up and down to scroll or move the cursor up and down.

Blackberry Instant Messaging- A really cool feature of all Blackberry’s is the opportunity to “text” or chat between Blackberry’s for free.  Each Blackberry has a pin number and if you can get someone else’s pin, you can instant message them free of charge whenever you want.

Home Screen- I like the customizable home screen where you can fit approximately 6 icons that are short cuts to your applications.  I have customized mine to be messages, (where ALL messages show up- Twitter, email, FB, missed calls etc.) instant messaging (this is where I can see the BB to BB messages), calendar, contacts, SMS text, and applications (facebook for BB, calculator, memo pad, Word/Excel/PPT to go, etc.) My home screen has my most used icons and I rarely need to click my BB button to get to all the other BB apps.

(Sorry this is not a picture of my home screen- I haven’t taken one yet)


The buttons- I find that the buttons are just a bit too small to press with your thumbs when texting.  The buttons are not soft like other BB I have seen, but the buttons are kind of like a little keyboard.  BB may have done this on purpose so that the wrong keys are not as easy to press down when texting, but it’s definitely not my favorite feature.

The screen- I love that the screen is big and nice and easy to see, but the only problem I have with it is that when you put it up to your face, it gets streaky and smeared because of the oils on your face.  No I don’t have an extremely oily face, just average!  It is just something that bothers me because I don’t have a cover for my phone.

Battery- I find that the battery on my BB Curve runs out so quickly! It is getting better since I first bought it, but it is no where near the span that my 3 year old cell phone had.  A friend told me that she heard the battery will improve over time, I hope so because right now I NEED to plug it in every night or else it won’t make it through the next day.  This is a big downfall for me for this phone.

Freezing- I haven’t had much trouble with my phone freezing.  It has only happened once, and it was actually today.  The keyguard was on and I couldn’t press the buttons to unlock the keys.  I had to hold the power button for five seconds and it automatically shut down.  When I turned it back on, it went back to the keyguard screen, and I pressed the appropriate buttons and it worked.  We’ll see if it happens again I guess.

Overall- I really like the phone. This is my first data phone, and I don’t think I will ever go back.  I love being able to access the internet at anytime, and I like the way it is set up.  I have used it to take pictures, and they have turned out well, but I haven’t really gotten into video or voice record yet, I haven’t really needed to.  I like the idea of free texting to other Blackberrys and I try to use this whenever I can.  The cosmetic downfalls of hard buttons and a smudgy screen are easy to overlook when there are so many great things about this phone.  The only thing that really sucks is the minimal battery life.  If the battery life improves I will give this phone an 8 out of 10.  If it doesn’t, it will drop down to a 6.5 or a 7/10 because of the inconvenience.

* If you have any pros or cons that you would like me to mention about this phone, just comment on this post and I will add them in!*

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6 Responses to “Pros and Cons of Blackberry Curve”

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I’m glad that RIM is starting to put optical trackpads in Blackberries now as opposed to trackballs. The trackballs (especially on older models) could easily get dirt underneath and become a hassle. I have a Curve 8900 (looks like you have an 8520)… My battery last for two-three days on a charge, under typical use. I really like using the Curve keyboard versus the Bold’s style, but I think this is something that you just get used to after a while. I posted a little walkthrough of my phone’s layout in my blog back in January. I’ve changed it a bit now, but it’s still more or less the same.

I found that when using twitter and facebook on my bb pearl my battery was running down quickly as well. What I did was change my ubertwitter settings so it did not check for updates as often. When I changed the setting from every five minutes to every ten minutes it made a significant increase in my battery life. You may want to look at checking the settings.
Thank you for the review. I am in the market for a new phone and the curve is one of the ones I was looking at.

Darin has a great point. Anything that pushes data to your phone takes up a lot of battery life. I use UberTwitter and Viigo, and I make sure in the settings that it is set to update manually. If it updates automatically your battery life with go down significantly.

So glad to see you blogging so much. As a life time subscriber, I expect nothing less. 😉

Thanks guys- Mike, I’m going to add in what you said about the ball getting dust or dirt under it. Darrin- thank you for the advice on the battery life. I am going to look into it. Dean- Now that I am done school, I LOVE having extra time to blog, and I’m actually going to Skype with a grade one class from Ontario next week!

After owning my Blackberry for a few months and being very annoyed with how quickly the battery died, a friend shared an awesome secret: no matter what application you’re using, instead of hitting ‘end’ button or ‘back’ button to get out of a screen, you should hit the Blackberry button, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “close”. This completely ends the application, whereas, if you hit ‘end’ or ‘back’ the phone continues to run the application which drains your battery. After learning this secret it became second nature to ‘close’ all applications and my battery lasted so much longer!

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