Lawyers Speak a Different Language

Posted on April 28, 2010. Filed under: House hunting, personal, reflection |

Excuse the language, but I thought this was a funny cartoon that had to do with my post today… lawyer language.

Jon and I went to a lawyer in Regina yesterday to sign our lives away, or in other words, buy a house.  We are meeting tonight with a woman I work with to put an offer on her house she’s selling privately, so we needed to prepare an offer to purchase beforehand.  Well, the lawyer emailed me during the day yesterday and told me the only time he had open was at 4:45.  That’s pretty much 15 minutes before closing time I guess, so he zoomed through these papers with us, and when I say zoomed, I am not exaggerating.  He didn’t explain any of the meanings to us, and he honestly barely pronounced words when he was reading back to us what we signed; he was actually jumping over complete words!  For all the teachers out there reading, if I was benchmarking him, he would have had a ton of errors, and his fluency would be quite low!

The other thing that scared and bothered me yesterday was the amount of money he assumed we had in our bank account.  He was talking about a deposit we needed and he wanted me to write a cheque yesterday for $5000.  I didn’t think this was a problem because I thought it would be held until after the sale went through, but no, when Jon asked him when it would come out of our bank- he said tomorrow.  Jon and I had to laugh because we really just don’t have $5000 in our bank account!  I’m sure he does, dang, I should have asked if he would pay it for us and we could have given him an I.O.U.  But either way, it was so crazy for me that he just assumed this.  Jon and I are not rich by any means, but I do believe we are well off, and it just made me realize that for some people the idea of purchasing a house is unheard of!  Even if they are pre-approved for x amount of dollars, there are all these other fees and costs that come with this type of purchase.  Thank goodness my parents are helping us out, and that God has blessed us at this time so that this is something we can do.  I realize not everyone has this opportunity, and so even though the lawyer language is frustrating, I am not taking this for granted, but I count myself blessed.

On the other hand, if you haven’t gone through this yet, and you have any questions, feel free to ask- Jon and I as we are trying to learn as we go!

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