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It has been quite fun to collaborate with Paula White’s class in Crozet Virginia.  We did this mostly through wikispaces.  The grade 5’s each have their own wikispace and I am a subscriber to all of them.  They get the opportunity to really put whatever they want on, and do they ever have an imagination!  I basically took it as my job to help them out where I could, and give them advice and ideas.   Alot of the children just wanted people to go to their page and complete the polls they did, or add their favourite thing.  I liked doing this, and it gave me a chance to get to know them and what they like.  For example, just this past week, I got a wikispace mail asking if all of the collaborators of this student’s blog would put their favourite dog on her page.


So when I went to her wikispace, sure enough, some of her friends had already put their favourite dog up, and I decided that I also would add mine.


Above and beyond these little extras, the children have a big project that they were working on.  They got to pick whatever they would like and it was their job to research it, and come up with whatever they could.  One of the girls in the class decided to research weather, so I tried my best to find information on Virginia weather for her and why it has been so crazy this year!  I also tried to help her find things that compare Saskatchewan weather to Virginia weather because we obviously have different weather patterns.

The most important thing I took away from this assignment is the value of response.  I tried my best to send the students compliments on their work or constructive criticism if I thought something could be done a different way.  I gave one student a compliment on their page, and this is the response I received back:

Did you see that? That’s right… We’re BFFs.  Best friends forever haha.  Anyways, it just helped me realize that positive feedback can really encourage students at this age, and they need it! Everyone needs it!  It has encouraged me to keep providing feedback for these kids, and helping them out where I can.  Hopefully I can teach them something, and they can teach me something!

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