Detailed Learning 3 C’s

Posted on April 20, 2010. Filed under: educational |

Phew! Finally time to go into detail about what I feel I have learned in ECMP 455. But where do I start?

Collaboration: Dean Shareski has done an excellent job at pushing us to collaborate in this class. I feel like I have found the value of collaboration more in this class than any other University class I have taken- I know! That’s intense, but true.  As we talk about school, the idea of online collaboration and even “in school” collaboration resonates with me more than ever.  One question that has really struck me is, “What is the point of bringing 20-something children into a classroom and then making them sit in rows and learn by themselves?”  Honestly, if all they get out of being around other kids is a recess playmate or the correct answer from across the room- you might as well have everyone stay at home, do an online class and have them get together with 2 other kids twice a day to play.  There has got to be more to a classroom community than that!

Conversation: Something I have learned this semester is that it’s ok to have a conversation that doesn’t sound like- Yes… me too!… I agree…. I had the exact same thing happen…. etc. etc.  It’s ok to challenge something, or agree with it.  It’s ok to disagree or really hate the idea!  A lot of the higher level thinking I did this semester was due to comments that challenged what I had said on my blog.  Or blog conversations that started with a comment or a post.  Thank goodness for people who don’t agree with everything!  It’s what needs to be happening in classrooms.  When we can teach our students how to respectfully converse about things, think about the learning that can happen!

“Higher level thinking”

Competence– You have no idea how hard it was to come up with another subtitle word that started with c, but I have found it; competence.  Something I learned this semester is that I don’t need to be perfect in every online tool. In fact, I don’t even need to be ok at every tool.  I have learned that I need to pick and choose what works for me, without being afraid of trying new things.  The tools that I think are useful, I should be competent in, but ones that I’m just testing out or looking into, I don’t need to be perfect at! This seems like an obvious thing, but maybe you don’t understand the perfectionist in me.  Sometimes I can spend hours on the computer trying to perfect something, or understand it really well.  This is a problem considering that this semester I tackled two jobs and full time school.  That didn’t leave me a lot of extra time- yet somehow I found it after 11pm.  Not healthy.  Anyways, I have learned the importance of competence in something, and adequacy and where the line is drawn that separates them.

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