Response to Bradie’s ECE and play

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This is a response to Bradie’s post.

Wow it’s like our ECE class meeting all over again!  Thank you for your post.  Again, I really agree with you about play and what play should be.  But, like you said, It’s always about balance.  As I said in class, for the last how many years, everyone has been saying- oh these poor children “now a days.”  “If they had only grown up in my time, it would be better.”  As this world changes, the children change- and play changes.  No matter how hard we try to do things the way they used to be- it will never be the same and we can’t go back.  I really believe we need to embrace change and help the children understand effective play in their own “era.”  We won’t be able to change what kind of toys or technology the children are using at home- so we need to do the best we can to teach to those unique learners.  If they have never made a pretend fort before, or played with blocks, we can’t say, “poor children, they are so unfortunate”- we have to try to teach using tools that they know and understand- possibly DS’s, internet, blogs, Smart boards, Youtube etc. (Shocking, I know)  But then on the same hand, we need to teach them how to have explorative play in the physical environment that surrounds them.  This can be that hands on, interpersonal play we are used to.  It sucks that we can’t change how the parents are dealing with their children, but kids are kids, and we need to do our best to teach them and love them from wherever they are coming from.

Thanks for your thought-provoking post Bradie!

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