How Helen Keller has changed my life

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If you have ever made a Helen Keller joke, shame on you!  She is one of the most amazing women!  I just read Helen Keller’s biography, “The Story of My Life” and I was amazed.  This woman not only overcame every roadblock she faced, but she graduated from college in the early 1900’s when not a lot of ‘abled’ women even went to college!  She is probably the most eloquent writer I have ever read.  She describes things in ways I have never heard before, and the way she talks about the outdoors makes me think I have never stepped a foot outside in my entire life.  She brought meaning to education when she discussed the way teachers assess students.  One of my favourite quotes from her about this is, ” With a feeling of  intense disgust [after you have written an exam] you kick the mass of rubbish into a corner and go home, your head full of revolutionary schemes to abolish the divine right of professors to ask questions without the consent of the questioned.”  If that doesn’t inform your ideas on assessment, I don’t know what will! 

I believe that one of the reason she was so successful in her learning was because of the technology that was available to her.  Helen Keller was deaf and blind.  It was impossible for her to write assignments by hand, and she couldn’t exactly dictate what she wanted to say to a scribe.  BUT, Helen was given a typewriter, and she was allowed to type her assignments and exams out.  This simple form of technology was her lifeline going through school.  What types of technology do we have access to that can benefit abled or disabled students in our classrooms?  Are we using them to their fullest potential?

I will leave you with my all-time favourite quote from Keller’s book.  This is exactly how I feel now that we are in “survive” mode right before February break.

“In college there is no time to commune with one’s thoughts. One goes to college to learn, it seems, not to think” -H.Keller-

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2 Responses to “How Helen Keller has changed my life”

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I have not read this story, but I remember reading her play “The Miracle Worker”, I didn’t like some books and or can’t remember half of the books I read in highschool but this is one that has stuck with me. It fairly short, but so good!

Yes, honestly she is so well written, and she has a beautiful story! I really wish I had more time to read books in general. I read this one for my EdPsych class, but I highly suggest it!

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