Back to School

Posted on January 13, 2010. Filed under: educational, personal, reflection |

I am back in school! I guess I never left school- but it sure is different being a student as opposed to a teacher.  I had a blast in internship.  My students were great and I can’t believe it went so fast!  As I am getting back into school mode, I have 3 goals I would like to accomplish this semester.

1) Make friendships count- I have met some amazing people in University thus far, but looking back, it feels like I haven’t done everything I could to make some genuine lasting friendships.  A goal for me this semester is to really get to know some of the people in my section before I have to say goodbye for a long time.

2) Learn as much practical knowledge as I can for teaching.  My ECMP 455 class will definitely help with this on the technology level, but even in some of my other classes, I want to use that time to develop skills and attitudes I can take into the teaching profession when I am done here.

3) End strong-  I had a summer class this past summer with a girl who was just finishing up her education degree.  The summer class was the last one she needed to take, and she sure let us know.  I am sure she was just excited about being done, but I got the impression that she was just doing enough work to finish the course.  I really want to try and not just “get by” this semester, but really end strong.  I mean, I have paid a lot of cash over the years to go to University, and I want my last semester to be excellent; not good or ok, but excellent.  I guess we will how things pan out!

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