Week Eight- Want to Lose A Little Weight?

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Now that we have taken the time to figure out our BMI and where we are at, we are going to determine how many calories your body needs and how many calories you should limit, if you do in fact want to lose weight.  I will use myself as an example, so you can see how it works.  First, I need to figure out my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).  This number is basically how many calories your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day.  Our metabolism decreases as we age, but even then, our body uses energy no matter what we’re doing!  Basically the more you exercise, the higher your metabolism is, and the more calories you can intake without it turning into fat.  Click here to figure out what your BMR is.

My BMR is 1557.8

Now I am going to figure out how many calories I should be having everyday, and in turn, how many calories I can cut down on if I want to lose weight. Click here for this equation.

The amount of calories I need to maintain my current weight is 2141.97

Now, if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is either up your calorie expenditure through exercise, or lessen your calorie intake by eating less calories.  Although, the ideal mix is to do both.

If you want to lose fat, a useful guideline is to reduce your calories by 500 a day.  If you do this, you will lose about a pound a week.  Depending on your goals, you can always make this number a little higher.

Here are some example of foods that have 500 calories in them.

1000ml (half a jug) of Minute Maid Concentrate Orange Juice

1 bag of regular popcorn

2 Oh Henry Chocolate Bars- just over 500 calories

1 McDonalds Bic Mac

A roll with jam on it- just under 500 calories

Half of an average pepperoni pizza

Half a bag of potato chips

Can you think of 500 calories somewhere or another that you can give up and lose one pound this week?  Give it a try

Optional fast/challenge: Go for a walk this week!  If it’s nice outside, go for it, if not, find a place that’s comfortable for you to walk.

Assessment for Week 8

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