Week Seven- Knowing Your BMI

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This week we are going to calculate our BMI (body mass index).  It used to be that in the doctor’s office, they would have a height and weight chart, and people were forced to fit into the compartmentalized height weight ratios.  Now, we use the Body Mass Index which is a more accurate measure of body fat based on height and weight.  We are figuring out our BMI so we can be aware of our own weight and how it affects our health.

  According to National Heart Lung and Blood Institue, being overweight can increase the risk of high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers.  They also say that even losing 10% of our current weight will help lower our risk of developing these diseases.  This first step is to calculate our BMI.  The second step is to determine your waist circumference. (Do this by holding a measuring tape snugly around your waist).  Third, determine if you are at risk.  If you find out that you are in fact at risk, I would be more than willing to help you develop your own personal action plan over and above our 3 Month Healthier Living Plan.  If you want to check out how you can control your weight, check out the National Heart and Lung’s Information for Patients and the Public.  For a review, these are the challenges we have already had and continue to work on, including this week’s challenge.

1) Take the stairs

2) Park far away

3) Look at the nutritional info

4) Keep portion sizes down

5) Have no more than 2 helpings

6) Drink lots of water

7) Calculate your Body Mass Index

The optional fast/challenge for this week is: to track the amount of calories you eat in a day in a note book at least two days this week.

Assessment for Week 7

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