Scientific Truth

Posted on September 11, 2008. Filed under: edublog, reflection |

As I was writing my journal for an Ed science class I am taking, I started to reflect on what we were learning and how we teach.  I have been thinking a lot lately about scientific truth, and how there really is no standard to measure scientific truth with. If you would like to read the whole journal entry click here.  But if not, here is an excerpt with some of my thoughts.

 “For this reason, I honestly think that we as teachers need to be very open minded when teaching Science.  In my own opinion, I think that the scientific theory of creation should be taught in schools along with evolution. I have studied many creation science journals that use evidence to back-up creation just as evolutionists find evidence to back up their beliefs.  I also think that children should get to choose whether they believe they were “created” by the Big Bang, or whether they were created by God.  Another positive thing I see about teaching creationism is that it relates to the whole child; it incorporates spirituality along with the intellectual side of science.  It gives children meaning in their own life.  I think we as teachers need to be the first ones to question society’s norms, and we need to be critical and challenge the pre-conceived ideas that we all have in our heads.”

As teachers, we have the responsibility to be critical AND open minded about science.

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3 Responses to “Scientific Truth”

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You question scientific truth, but you offer up creation as an alternative. Creation being a theory that requires the belief in an all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent being that by definition, defies definition. I would like to know what evidence is offered up to support this creation theory. Scientific truth can be poked and prodded, tested and re-tested but I don’t see how you can prove that there is a being behind the creation of the universe.

“No standard to measure scientific truth”? This statement, along with your avowed intention to teach ‘the scientific theory of creation’ to children, provides powerful evidence that you are unsuited to instruct pupils in any aspect of science.

That word is the very core of your fallacy. Do you understand what the term ‘evidence’ means?

Evidence *is* the standard for measuring scientific truth. If an hypothesis is true, there will be evidence to support it. And if it is true, then any apparent evidence /against/ it will ultimately turn out to be false or irrelevant. That is the Scientific Method.

With this in mind, would you teach your pupils the phlogiston theory? Would you teach them astrology and astronomy with equal emphasis? I sincerely hope you won’t, because young and untutored minds lack the experience to grasp the evidence for and against such nonsense. They should be taught the prevailing wisdom for which the greatest mass of evidence exists.

Evolution and Creationism are not ‘two sides’ with equal scientific standing and merit. They are on the one hand a theory for which an overwhelming amount of evidence has been amassed, that has withstood 150 years of attack without blemish, and which is reconfirmed by every biological discovery made since its proposal; and on the other a nonsensical fantasy for which no solid evidence has ever been adduced, which has been struck down utterly whenever it has been scientifically tested.

If you honestly can’t see why you should not be poisoning the young minds placed in your care with such nonsense, I urge you to find another discipline to teach – science is clearly beyond you.


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