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Who really remembers their Kindergarten teacher anyway? You are 4 or 5 years old and you come to school so you can play in the sandbox, and climb on the monkey bars.  Can a Kindergarten teacher really have any effect on their students at that young of an age? 

I have been thinking a lot lately about how lost our teenage world seems.  When Jon and I were at my parents house last night, my mom came home at 11:00pm fuming.  She had just driven by some kid getting the crap kicked out of him across from a local elementary school.  When she stopped and backed up, everyone ran away… including the kid.  The week I wrote my post about teen girls, was the same week I dealt with a lot of issues with a couple of the teen girls I know.  What is happening to our teenagers?  The reason I am connecting Kindergarten with teenagers is because I am questioning my choice of grade levels to teach.  I am specializing in Pre-K to 3 but is that where I should be?  My heart is definitely for young children.  I love how they learn and how they begin to understand things, but I am beginning to think that if I really want to have an effect on students, I should teach high school, or a higher grade where they may need a little bit more guidance.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that my job as a teacher is not to “fix” students.  I don’t have the power to make choices for them or deliberately pursuade them to act a certain way… but I CAN see with my own eyes that a lot of the teens I meet need help, support and love.  I know young children also have issues that need help and support, but the teenagers of today were three years old once! Does a Kindergarten teacher really make a difference?

No matter what grade I teach, my job and passion is to educate.  I want to educate my students about maths, sciences, language and grammar, but I also want to educate them about life, love, relationships and society.  Right now I don’t plan on changing what I want to specialize in, and as of this September 08 I will be pre-interning in a Pre-K class, but these past couple weeks have sure opened my eyes to see that there are some other options open for me if I want to take them.

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4 Responses to “Kindergarten”

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Hey Danielle,
Found this link in your comment to Alec. Interesting thoughts…Its great your so open-minded. I think even though we are specializing in one area we can definitely learn about and teach in other grade levels. I don’t know about the majority, but I have vivid memories of my Kindergarten teacher and classmates, and they definitely had an impact!

Do you actually believe that Kindergarten to grade 3 students can make a reasonable distinction between actual science and creation ‘science’?
The idea of you being anywhere near children, let alone filling their heads with claptrap, is frightening.

You know Danielle, I believe that you are (and will continue to be) a really great teacher – to all ages. I am thankful there are teachers like you that actually care about more than just teaching math and science, but also want to teach about “life smarts” as well. Keep up the good work, and remember, it’s worth it. 🙂

Danielle, You are an unbelievably gracious and caring young women and will be a great teacher no matter what age you are teaching! I have very vivid and great memories of my kindergarten, and grade one teachers. I was a very shy kid and if it wouldn’t have been for a couple of great teachers starting school would have been even harder than it was!

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