Reflection on Tux Math

Posted on November 26, 2007. Filed under: reflection |

Tux Math is geared for kids who want to develop their math skills. This tool develops basic math such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. It also increases the child’s efficiency, memorization and speed in math. Tux Math does this by having equations fall from the “sky.” The player needs to type in the correct answer and press enter to zap the equation. Slowly, more and more equations fall from the sky at an increasing speed. When you reach a certain speed and number of points the game switches to a new and harder level.

I would use this tool in a elementary classroom as a teaching resource for math class. I think this game would motivate the children who are already good at math to get better and better… but more importantly, this game could encourage the weaker math students, who don’t enjoy math to have fun while practicing their math skills! When I was practicing multiplication skills in elementary school we used worksheets. We had a minute to get through as many questions as possible. Tux Math is a tool that naturally “evaluates” the students. There is no need for worksheets. It’s not in the form of a test like the minute math worksheets, but a fun game. This is important because rather then quizzing them on their current ability, they are being pushed to reach their highest potential.

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